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The Success of EMS

Factors influencing EMS success

Success of the EMS system depends on the commitment of your organization. The organization’s overall commitment needs to be led by top management, and trickle down to all levels and functions. Each organization can leverage opportunities to avert or mitigate adverse environmental impacts and work to enhance positive environmental practices. Organizations that offer strategic and competitive implications may have the best incentives and therefore the best environmental practices.

It is ideal to have management harmonize environmental management throughout the entirety of the organization’s business process and management system. This international standard, if integrated into your organization can be used to assure interested parties that an adequate environmental management system is in use.

Adoption of this International Standard may not deliver ideal environmental outcomes. The EMS can and should differ between organizations to fit their needs and goals. Organizations can carry out similar activities but may have very different compliance obligations, commitments to environmental policy, technologies and have different overall environmental goals and can still conform to the requirements of the EMS international standard. Each organization will have a different EMS, depending on many aspects including:

  1. Context of the organization
  2. The scope of the environmental management system
  3. Its compliance obligations
  4. Nature of its activities
  5. Products and services



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