ISO 14000 Family of Standards

ISO 14000 is a series of standards developed by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to address Environmental Management, or what you do to:

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The brochure reviews the 14000 family of standards which provide environmental and economic benefits, including:

  • Reduced raw material or resource use
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Reduced waste generation and disposal costs
  • Utilization of recoverable resources

ISO 14000 environmental standards help organizations manage their environmental requirements and tie them into their overall business objectives. They fall into six categories (click for details):

  1. Environmental management systems
  2. Environmental auditing
  3. Environmental performance evaluation
  4. Environmental labeling
  5. Life-cycle assessment
  6. Environmental aspects in product standards

NOTE: Organizations do not register to ISO 14000 as a series, they ONLY register to ISO 14001:2004. The other documents will help an organization implement an EMS, audit properly, etc.

Within each category, there are two types of ISO 14000 standards:

  1. Requirements Standards – detailing the steps that must be taken to meet the standard. Companies only register to the requirements standards
    • The most common are:
      • ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management SystemsRequirements with guidance for use
      • ISO 14065:2007 – Greenhouse Gases – Requirements for Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Bodies
  2. Guidance Standards – are descriptive documents intended to provide guidance only.
    • All of the ISO 14000 series of generic standards (from ISO 14004 to ISO 14064) are guidance standards.
    • These are recommended for organizations interested in ISO 14000:
      • ISO 14004:2004-Environmental management systems – General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques.
      • ISO 19011:2018Guidelines for auditing management systems.
      • ISO 14064:2006- Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Note: Depending on the nature of the business that organizations are involved in, some of the other standards listed may apply.

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