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Improvement of the EMS

Once your organization has established their EMS, it is required by ISO 14001:2015, that you continue to refine the EMS for continual improvement. This requirement allows an organization to continually improve products, services and/or processes. Improving your EMS allows you to meet customer requirements. Organizations are required to be evaluated periodically and feedback is given based on the objectives. Within the clause 10, improvement is based on:

10.1 General

The organization must determine opportunities to improve and take the appropriate actions to achieve the intended outcomes of the EMS.

10.2 Nonconformity and Corrective Action of the EMS

The organization must take actions to control nonconformities and deal with the consequences which includes mitigating and correcting any environmental impacts.

The organization needs to fully understand the nonconformity in order to take actions so it does not reoccur.

And implement any action needed to fix or mitigate nonconformities.

10.3 Continual Improvement

The organization needs to continue to improve its EMS in order to enhance its environmental performance.



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