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Preparing and responding to emergencies

In accordance to ISO 14001:2015 all organizations must create, apply and maintain processes needed to prepare for and respond to any potential emergency situation of which the organization identified in clause 6.1.1. Clause 8.2 requires organizations to create a plan to prevent or mitigate adverse environmental impacts from emergency situations. All organizations must test their planned responses where appropriate. Additionally, organizations are required to periodically review and revise processes and planned responses, particular after an emergency situation or test. Furthermore, it must provide emergency preparedness and response to relevant interested parties, including persons working under its control. Organizations are required to maintain documented information to the extent necessary that processes are properly implemented.

Effective Emergency Preparation and Responses

All organizations are vulnerable to the possibility of accidents or emergency situations, despite your best efforts to mitigate or avoid these situations. Effective planning and preparation can reduce injuries, protect employees, nearby persons and also help reduce losses of assets and minimize lost production time. Effective emergency preparedness and response program should include provisions for assessing:

  • environmental impacts
  • plans and processes for responding to incidents
  • periodic testing of emergency plans, processes, and mitigating impacts
  • reviewing emergency response performance after an incident has occurred  



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