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Evaluating the ISO 14001:2015 Emergency Management System’s Performance

ISO 14001:2015 Clause 9 Performance evaluation consists of monitoring, measuring and evaluating the organization’s EMS to ensure that not only is it effective but also to make sure it helps an organization continually improve. One way to perform an evaluation is using Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPIs are the measurement tools, which assists organizations in defining and measuring their progress towards their EMS goals.  Clause 9 consists of three subclauses:

  • monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation
    • For your EMS, an organization must determine what needs to be measured, what methods should be used, and when data should be analyzed and evaluated.
    • As a general recommendation, organizations should determine what information they need to evaluate environmental performance and effectiveness.
    • Once the EMS is applied, ISO 14001:2015 requires permanent monitoring of the system as well as period reviews.
    • Compliance
      • This includes compliance with all Federal/State/Local obligations
      • Process for updating these obligations
  • internal audit
    • Internal Audits must be executed at planned intervals in order to provide information on the EMS. Particular audit criteria, defined by the requirements, must be executed to ensure that the results of the audits are reported to relevant management.
  • management review
    • Management Reviews are also to be executed at planned intervals to review the organization’s EMS, to dictate if the EMS is adequate and effective.



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