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Leadership and commitment of EMS

The new standard states that top management must advocate both leadership and commitment in regards to the EMS. The requirements establishes 9 ways by which top management must:

  1. Take responsibility for the effectiveness of the EMS
  2. Assure that the environmental policy and objects are established and consistent with the strategic direction and context of the organization
  3. Secure the integration of the EMS requirements into the organization’s business process
  4. Ensure that resources needed for the EMS are available
  5. Communicate the necessity of effective environmental management and of adapting to the EMS requirements
  6. See that the EMS accomplishes its expected outcomes
  7. Directs and supports persons to commit to the effectiveness of the EMS
  8. Promotes continual improvement of the EMS
  9. Supports all relevant management aspects to demonstrate their leadership as it concerns their areas of responsibility



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