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Contents of the International Standard

Contents of the International Standard

The International Standard complies to ISO’s requirements for the EMS. Requirements for the EMS include carefully planned structure, identical text, typical terms and definitions, designed to benefit users implementing multiple ISO management system standards.

The International Standard does not consider requirements that are specific to other management systems, such as: quality energy, financial, health management, etc. Nonetheless, the International Standard allows organizations to use a standard path and also risk-based thinking to integrate its EMS with requirements from other management systems.

If your organization would like to establish the requirements of the International Standard, you can do this in 4 different ways:

  1. Creating a self-determination and self-declaration
  2. Finding confirmation of its conformance by parties that have an interest in the organization
  3. Having an external party to the organization provide confirmation of the organization’s self-declaration
  4. Finding a certification or registration of its EMS from an external organization



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