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The “Secret” ISO Standards

While ISO has some generally well known environmental management standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 14064 (Green House Gases), and they have very specific standards for producing products (like rear-mounted power take-off units for agricultural tractors known as ISO 500, or ISO 639 which covers codes for the representation of names of languages). In the middle stand some interesting and valuable additional management systems standards like these.

The Other Sides Of ISO Standards

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has many supporting standards which are used in conjunction with the ISO 14000 series. While some are more specific, the emphasis on many is to bring forth in a business environment, the best practices for producing consistently environmental services and products. While we profile a couple in this article, you can go to our listing page and find many more such as:

These standards are distributed by us throughTechstreet, a standards publishing partner. Their vast inventory opens up many new avenues to learn about these tools to support your overall ISO certification efforts.

And The List Goes On

If we have peaked your interest, here is a partial list of standards, all of which can make you and your company more valuable from just about any perspective.


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