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Initial Environmental Review

The first step in creating an EMS is to perform an Initial Environmental Review. This tells you where you are and creates a road map for your organization. There are four main areas:

  1. Review previous environmental issues.
  2. Consider any regulations which have operational impact.
  3. Identify and evaluate possible environmental issues in your organization.
  4. Outline current operations and how are they managed; also consider indirect impacts.

The Initial Environmental Review is not considered an audit.

  • The Environmental Review is an initial assessment to help create an EMS.
  • The Environmental Audit assesses the performance of the organizations’ EMS.

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Benefits of an Initial Environmental Review

The Initial Environmental Review helps determine the organization’s environmental position, and should include:

  • Environmental statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Recognize items/areas with environmental impact
  • Environmental Performance Criteria
  • Feedback of previous experiences
  • Opportunities for improvement in-house as well as external (contractors, vendors, etc.)
  • And more!

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