Requirements for ISO 14001:2015

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4.1 General requirements

Defines EMS and the scope of the EMS within the organization

4.2 Environmental Policy
Creation of a an Environmental policy

4.3.1 Environmental Aspects
Procedure to identify controllable environmental aspects

4.3.2 Legal and Other Requirements
Defines acquisition of legal information

4.3.3 Objectives, Targets, and Programs
Outlines the importance of a process to obtain objectives & targets which are consistent with the policy determined in Sec 4.2.

4.4.1 Structure and Responsibility
Defines relevant management, accountability structure, roles, responsibilities, and authorities

4.4.2 Competence, Training, and Awareness
Ensures that persons performing tasks are competent to do them

4.4.3 Communications
Outlines required procedures for internal & external communications.

4.4.4 EMS Documentation
EMS documentation requirements in electronic or paper form

4.4.5 Control of Documents
Explains the requirement to control documents so that current versions are distributed and obsolete versions are removed from the system.

4.4.6 Operational Control
Identifies Critical functions, significant aspects, the legal and other requirements.

4.4.7 Emergency Preparedness and Response
Process required for identifying & responding to emergencies.

4.5.1 Monitoring and Measurement
Measures data for action and describes the plan to monitor and measure key parameters of operations.

4.5.2 Evaluation of Compliance
Procedure(s) required for scheduled evaluations of compliance. The organization will need to keep records of these periodic evaluations.

4.5.3 Non-conformances, Corrective & Preventive Action
Procedures for acting on EMS non-conformances. Corrective and Preventive actions must be taken.

4.5.4 Control of Records
Records (including audits) must be controlled

4.5.5 Internal Audit
Procedure to conduct the audits of the EMS

4.6 Management Review
Top Management must review of the EMS

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