ISO 14001 Requirements

Successful implementation of ISO-14001 environmental management system in an organization, the organization should have an understanding of ISO 14001 requirements and its key elements like environment policy and planning, implementation and operation, corrective action and management review. These elements stated all the key requirements of ISO 14001 standard.

Information about ISO 14001 Requirements

Below is the detailed information about ISO 14001 requirements

a) General Requirements

  1. State and document the scope of EMS in the organizations.
  2. Document, manage or maintain, control and implement an ISO 14001 environmental management system in the organization for continual improvements.

b) Environmental Policy

In order to drive an environmental management system in organization, ISO 14001 EMS needs the environmental policy statements from the organizations. This environmental policy is suitable to the environmental impacts of organization’s actions, activities, processes, services and products. This environmental policy includes

  1. A structure to set environmental goals and objectives,
  2. An assurance for continual improvement,
  3. An assurance to prevention of pollution, manage of environmental waste and energy consumption.
  4. An assurance to meet the terms of environmental laws and regulations.

Once the environmental policy is documented and implemented, it is the moral responsibility of the organization to communicate this policy to all employees and make sure that the policy is accessible to public

c) Planning

The planning element of an ISO 14001 standard defines the requirements like environmental aspects, legal and other major requirements, objectives, goals, targets or other important programs

  1. Environmental Aspects
    Environmental aspects requires that an organization must develop, document and implement a reliable and confirmable process which can easily identify the environmental aspects and impacts on the organization’s actions, activities, services and products. This process also has an ability not only to pick and document major environmental aspects for estimating the significance of environmental impacts but also keeping this information up to date when any changes are made in organization’s actions, services and products.
  2. Legal and other requirements requires that an organization must develop, document and implement a reliable and confirmable process which can easily identifies or spot the appropriate legislative and regulatory needs of organizations and also specifies the methods to obtain the information from legislative and regulatory needs for an organization.
  3. Objectives and Targets
    An organization must document an objective and targets for all important environmental aspects.

d) Implementation and Operation

Implementation and operation are the next element of the ISO 14001 standard. The element follows the requirements of policy and planning. This element contains seven other distinct elements:

  1. Structure and Responsibility
  2. Training, Awareness and Competence
  3. Communications
  4. EMS Documentation
  5. Documents Control
  6. Operation Control
  7. Emergency Preparedness and Response

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