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Manage your Standards and Procedures Smarter, Faster, and Better


Maintain compliance, drive continual improvement, and deliver long-term excellence through BSI's innovative business improvement solution, Entropy Software.

    • Document management is easy
    • Action management is efficient
    • You remain compliant and in control

doc control

Document Control at Your Fingertips

Now it's easier to share files, discuss them, publish the best, and track your content in real time. Take your managment system to the next level and stop juggling access privileges, multiple formats, and version control.

This is document management powered by Entropy Software:

    • A central knowledge base
    • Information at your fingertips
    • Easy, global search and retrieve funtionality
    • Up-to-date version history and control
    • Automatic reminders of unread policies
    • Greater control of people, process and systems
Entropy action

Bringing Confidence to Compliance...and Beyond

BSI's business improvement software, Entropy Software helps identify trends and issues warning, of non-conformance or potential costly failure. It ensures that you have the right tools for the roll you play to gain visibility into your risk and compliance status.

This is action management powered by Entropy Software:

    • Findings integrated with an automated CAPA process
    • Information at your fingertips
    • Workflow configuration that ensures consistency and clarity
    • Traceability of recommendations and nonconformities
    • Raise, monitor, and close CAPAs
    • Control and empowerment of people, process, and systems

Why Choose Entropy Software?

BSI's Entropy Software is everything you need for the role you play. A cloud-based solution with multi-language capability, Entropy Software meets the varied needs of everyone from small businesses to large, global organizations helping them become more effective and efficient in managing their EQMS and HSMS business challenges.

With Entropy Software, you have the opportunity to receive an organization-wide system for driving performance improvements in five key areas:

doc control
  • Knowledge management
  • Audit and compliance management
  • Incident management
  • Performance management
  • Risk management

Entropy Software is a system designed to help you manage your environmental standards and compliance, enhancing business performance by delivering greater control, visibility, assurance and accountability while reducing risks, incidents, and costs. Entropy Software allows companies to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and manage ISO 14001 certification, identify required permits and responsibilities, and share sustainability best practices. With instant visibility into performance, organizations stay focused, can allocate resources effectively and are able to adapt with agility to any and all monitored indicators.

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About BSI Business Improvement Solutions

BSI is the business compliance company that helps organizations make excellence a habit - all over the world. That's our business, enabling others to perform better. BSI makes it easier for our clients to maintain compliance, drive continual improvement, and deliver long-term excellence through our innovative business improvement software, Entropy Software. Composed of five core modules each with powerful compliance tools, Entropy Software provides a complete framework for organizations to efficiently manage and integrate quality, risk, and sustainability activities. Replacing doubt with certainty, reducing drift with control, and resolving chaos into order, Entropy Software enables best practices, smarter decisions, and improved transparency across an organization.